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Fall In Love with Yourself First
By: Emilia
There’s a four letter word that we all know very well. With it’s absence we feel numb and with it’s presence we are either mad or madly insane (I don’t know which one is worse). Love is the core of all of our feelings and thoughts. Love is what keeps this world turning, even during tragedy.
As human beings we are taught from birth to behave inside people’s confines. We are not taught to be ourselves, but to act like ourselves. There are a few people in life who love every single detail about us, and those are the people who we can act silly around, cry our hearts out on, and sit incomplete silence with. Those are the people who settle into our hearts like dust on a bookshelf and stay with us until our last breath.
However, we humans do have many defects. Love does certain things to us that we cannot explain to other people or even to ourselves. We sometimes would like to lose ourselves in them rather than just be with ourselves solely. We drown ourselves in their unconditional love and whole existence, and envelope ourselves with their pure desire for us. When we do not like ourselves, we mask our ache with their love, and think that, that is acceptable.
Loving ourselves changes our perception of everything around us. Words can no longer belittle us and downgrade us; thoughts do not have the ability to destroy, torch, and obliterate our hearts; and other human beings are exactly that: just other human beings.
We search for relationships to make us happy, when really; we are the people who hold that key to happiness. We do not need a man or a woman to make our hearts flutter closer to our rib cage, to tell us that we look gorgeous when we are find ourselves unhappy in the bathroom mirror, or whisper to us how beautiful the day is  when we know it ourselves. You don’t need someone to tell you how great you are for you to be great.
There are many things you can do when you get yourself in a rut:
Put on makeup, buy yourself an expensive outfit, do your nails or get your nails done. And at the end of the day, wipe your makeup off, stare into your mirror with a wet face, and feel as beautiful as you did before you took it off. You deserve to feel as good about yourself as every other person in this universe does.
Surround yourself with beautiful, positive people. Have those kinds of nights where you forget to tweet about something, or take a picture of all the fun you are having. Be with people who make you forget you have a phone at all.
Be alone. Stay home one night with some great food and just relax. Count the stars in the sky, sleep in, and don’t forget to tell someone you love them. Do not believe the things you tell yourself so late at night. The world isn’t as complicated as you make it. 
Photographer: Emily Keenan

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